Hội thảo Khoa học Khoa Công nghệ điện tử (tháng 4/2019)


The science workshop primary role is to support teaching and research activities within the Faculty of Electronics Technology. During the workshop, speakers from Divisions of Automation Electronics, Telecommunication Electronics and Computer Electronics will talk about the topics that have been attracting the attention of the scientific community and faculty in recent years.

In the first topic, robot learning and supervisory control of a human-powered augmentation lower exoskeleton (HUALEX) will be presented. The result may be applied to human assistance and augmentation in daily life.

In the second one, the speaker will mainly talk about outstanding research trends in the world at this time and how to do the effective research, where the in-depth research on the performance of the multihop relay network in the condition of transmit power constraint is shown in two problems: the security and the self-power.

In the last topic, a protocol for PAN gateway is proposed to integrate many wireless communication standards (typically Zigbee, WiFi, LTE) and an optimal control network algorithm for QoS is also given.

Khoa công nghệ Điện tử